Dante R. Chialvo

Current Lab Members:

  • Dr. Dante Chialvo
  • Dr. Leonardo Hess
  • Lic. Enzo Tagliazucchi
  • P. Balenzuela. Physics, University of Buenos Aires.
  • D. Fraiman. Physics, University of San Andres, Buenos Aires.

Current Collaborations:

  •        Oscar Scremin. M. Sirovich, Tara Victor, E. Scremin (UCLA ) on Brain Imaging of Chronic Pain.
  •        Dietmar Plenz.  National Institute of Health, (Bethesda) on  Neuronal Avalanches.

  •        P. Montoya. Universidad de las Islas Baleares, Mallorca, (Spain) on Chronic Pain.
  •        H. Braun. Heidelberg University, (Germany), on Models of Ghost Resonance for climate changes.
  •        D. Bachiller. CAUBET-CIMERA, Mallorca (Spain), on models of reprogramming of somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.
  •        G. Garcia de la Banda; University of Islas Baleares, (Spain), on aging and individual diferences.
  • K. Christensen, Complexity Centre Imperial College, London (UK), on criticality.


  •        P. Balenzuela, D. Fraiman. Physics, University of Buenos Aires, on dynamics of brain resting state networks.
  •        F. Tamarit, S. Cannas. Physics, University of Cordoba, on stability of growing complex networks.
  •        O. U. Scremin. Profisio, University of Rosario, on delayed neurological effects of pesticides' exposure.
  •   J. Beninca. Rafaela, on nonlinear analysis of  hospital's patient flow.
  •   S. Gonzalez. IBYME and  University of Buenos Aires , Buenos Aires, on gender, cytokines and pain.

  •        M. Aldana,  Physics, ICF, UNAM, on Criticality.